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Because of our unique alignment with Boulder Valley School District, Impact on Education is particularly suited to act as a powerful agent of assistance and support for BVSD students, teachers, staff and schools in the aftermath of September’s terrible flooding.

Many schools experienced physical damage as water and mud destroyed countless classrooms and the materials necessary for effective instruction.  Damaged roads, bridges, and transportation infrastructure will also impact the ability of our community’s students and teachers to attend school for months to come.

This is where Impact on Education’s iCare fund steps in.
iCare helps each student, teacher, and staff member with their immediate needs for success in the classroom.

Every dollar contributed to iCare will be directly utilized to replenish all academic necessities lost in the flood as well as to ensure that every student is able to continue their academic growth unimpeded by the difficulties presented by the floods.

We work in conjunction with the superintendent of BVSD to identify the greatest need within each school community and iCare will remain committed to the BVSD community as the situation evolves over the coming months.

Some examples of how iCare will assist throughout Boulder Valley School District:


  • Provide school supplies for preschool through 12th grade students as well as teachers who have had supplies destroyed.
  • Academic support for students not able to get to their home schools.
  • Support for students’ academic needs.
  • Financial support for materials for teachers that are in transitional homes; e.g. lesson plans, manipulatives, and curriculum materials that teachers collect over their entire careers that have been lost in the floods.
  • Cameras and videos lost in the floods that are used for classroom instruction and at-home learning.
  • Provide new books for school libraries and classrooms to replace books lost in the flood.
  • Provide digital devices to students stranded as a result of road damage so they can continue to learn during their transitional period.
  • Financial support for purchase of new classroom materials damaged during flooding.
  • Offsetting fees and expenses required to participate in extracurricular opportunities.
  • Support for part-time instructors in the region where most students are homebound.
  • Support for lost or ruined music instruments and art supplies.
  • Replacement of damaged physical education equipment.
  • Professional development and financial support for teachers to work online with students that are homebound.

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